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    40. Cream of the Crop

    Artur joins us from Columbia, Will challenges Artur for the title he gave him, Will responds to a scandalous tweet he sent, Colombia is just like the show Narcos but with paintball, Will went to a stand up show, Tyler's nonexistent 2 year old, Will has a beef with Tyler's editing, and he reveals his rap group name.

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    39. The Sha-nuka Snafu

    Give us new toys and we immediately abuse them, Will got each of us gifts with mixed results, Will unpacks the mysteries of Kwanzaa, What was the most expensive thing that has been stolen from you?, & we list some disappointing/best Christmas gifts.

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    38. Monopolyscrabblerisk

    This week we have a special guest: Crystal from Board Game Blitz and Podcuture Plays D&D and we grill her about Board Games. Look, I know show notes are are really important but we just talked about board games and maybe I don't want to spoil every last detail right here. It was all good, give it a listen.

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    37. A Disc In Space

    This week Artur & Will get started the show on their own while Ethan & Tyler troubleshoot all the things. Once we we get going we discuss some of the latest allegations, who is and isn't a Lizard Person, how the earth is really flat, Tyler & Will saw Foo Fighters live, & we get sucked into the Flat Earth wiki.

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    36. Ethan is in me, okay

    Will and Ethan team up to host again and this week Ethan has some laptop issues so he crashes at Artur's place, Will needs to address the week's episode, Will ponders how much water is actually in his body, we factually recap Charles Manson's life, Artur & Tyler explain how the Patreion donations are divided, Number Stations, we discuss the call to ban glitter, Will offends all of England, we talk about Super staches, Will updates us on new listeners, Ethan says domicile, Artur updates up on San Francisco crime, Lawyer Dog, & we take a friendship test.

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    35. Subverted Expectations

    We are two hosts down so we brought in some last minute replacements: Aanna & Jon. We talk about Curb Your Enthusiasm is improvised, Rick & Morty's fandom, this week's notable deaths & how much negativity we allow into our lives, & and doing research, Uber vs Lyft, GIF vs JIF, Tyler claims he went to school & his enjoyment of films.

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    34. Gaudy Bracelets Give Bodacious Style Because They Aren't Tubular Dude - Part 1

    Aanna is back and we hand her the keys to the show for a week. We talk about Star Trek Discovery vs The Orville, we realize that we may all be figments of someone's imagination, We learn about 80's themed murder mystery themed slang, Artur played tag gloriously, and we try to make a sentence one word at a time.

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    33. How'd You Survive?!

    Will tells us about how he may have gained us a new listener at a masquerade, Artur shares how he tried to do the same at work, Artur tells about app based toilets and how that relates to homelessness, we reveal the podcast hierarchy, Socioeconomics of a beehive, Ethan asks for parenting advice but Will answers, Disney wanted to buy a Fox & why HD Original Trilogy Star Wars is hard, & we talk about the current state of superhero movies.

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    32. #PullMyPlug

    It's spoooooky one this week. Will tells us who he dressed up as, We tell scary stories (Well scary to us at the time...), We solve robot ethics, keyboard facts, & we share our favorite scary movies.

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