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    65. We're Going To Die Soon

    First off Artur's mic is acting up in this episode. Ethan crashed Tyler & Will's family 4th of July, older religious rules, the REAL first Avenger, Ethan & Artur make Tyler & Will really uncomfortable, a mental health update from Ethan, Will & Ethan make fun of Tyler's recording area, we play a clip from the episode of House Hunters that Barbscreen was on, Will is confused when people say his name, and Barb Wire the movie.

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    64. Did You Read The Manga?

    We recap our American Independence Days, Ethan is stuck in the past, Will saw the Baywatch The Motion Picture and explains how it relates to the Transformers franchise, we do more Left Channel & Right Channel shenanigans, Are the Incredibles movies for kids?, Schindler's List Merchandising, Tyler comes up a new Transformer, a Hardwick Update, Will tells a story, & we inprov the ending with our guest Barbscreen.

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    63. No Strings With Benefits

    Long but important intro, we discuss how to live like kings, we learn how not to get blackmailed by our friends, we lament the Old Man From Pawn Stars, we look at Artur's side business, we decide what to do with our remains when we die, Pride Month, we celebrate American Independence Day, what if we had Japanese podcast counterparts, Ethan isn't that husky anymore, and we define what husky actually means.

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    62. You Are Infringing On My Right To Infringe On Your Rights

    EDITORS NOTE: This episode is best experienced in stereo.
    We all all back in the same... room? Will still has a problem, Artur won't give us any details from his trip, we stay on top of all of the allegations, we realize that we could be using our tech better, we install ejector seats into the podcast, we imagine Hitler in Arrested Development, we start the Ethan History Segment, and we explain Pride Day.

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    61. Free Range Ethan

    We record all in the same room, We learn about dead ants, Ethan defines genders, what the worst smelling dead animals are, we set Ethan's goal for the 2nd year of the podcast, how to cook human flesh Keifer Sutherland for President, we chat about the state of the new Star Wars films, Will breaks Tyler's streak, we review our download stats, and we discuss some E3 highlights.

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    60. Miners Only

    DISCLAIMER: Will and Ethan recorded and edited this on their own. Listen at your own risk.

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    59. You Always Measure From The Fan Base

    We decide when we are going to end the podcast, who owns what parts of the show, Rick & Morty's 70 episode deal, Will updates us on the whole "Korea Thing", 12 year old Natalie Portman, Will defends Hitler for a minute, Ethan has small culture crisis, Ethan wants to know if he is still allowed to watch the Cosby Show, Will has an Oculus Touch Level story, Artur has some bad wine tasting advice, Tyler learns that the podcast is all a lie, and Will & Tyler compare downloads.

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