Talking Fail

Humans making noise

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    25 - Talking Bingo

    We kick things off with the next part in Heritage Watch 2017, we meet Ethan's "Mom", Star Wars Episode 9's new director, more Tarkin in Star Wars, we create the Talking Fail Bingo card, our hand washing habits, Artur's wine sample trouble, Will tries a new segment, Ethan wants to experiment, Artur has a friend, Ethan explains Portland Comic Con to his grandma but ends up digging himself into a hole, & Will tells a short joke.

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    24 - Bread, Spam, & Cheese

    Aanna calls out Ethan, Artur talks Burning Man, Will & Aanna resolve their issues, We talk about the recent Star Wars Episode 9 News and what is happening with Disney and their problems with keeping directors.

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    23 - You've Always Lived Where You've Lived

    This week Kevin Howe from Nerdy Things Podcast the Chevron Unlocked Podcast joins us. We discuss the Stargate Franchise, the Oculus Touch, our end of the world plans, drones, & Ethan learns about the Mansons.

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    22 - The Producer Inside of Me

    This week we skirt American politics while talking about the eclipse, does anyone actually read this, Minecraft edition of the Xbox One, Will has a new roommate, Michael McDonald vs Michael McDonald, The Secret Motion Picture, and We lookup our names in the Urban Dictionary.

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    21 - Smouth Mash

    Ethan is back! We discuss what we did for Sharkweek, plans for the eclipse, our birthdays, back the eclipse, we ruin some yo mama jokes, we explain landline telephones, Jake Galifianakis, we solve marriage equality, Will is pro bubonic plague?, cyber security, Ethan totally Smash Mouthed the podcast, & Ethan explains what he has been doing for the last 3 week... I think?

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    20 - Arm Catheter With Cheese Flavoring

    Artur's friend Brandon joins us this week. Brandon tells us his favorite hospital stories, a Cheetos based pop up restaurant, Anna Feris and Chris Pratt's breakup, Will asks for medical advice... for a friend, Will finally confesses to a murder, How I met Your Dad, Todd from Scrubs' tattoo, what IS Lupis?, and Artur faces his own mortality.

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    19 - Therapy Fail

    This week we have our old friend Brian on the show and we discuss GIF vs JIF and the slope gets slippery, a creepy pattern emerges about Tyler's friends, how Brian & Tyler met & we have a small therapy session for Tyler.

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    18 - Haggle Down That Price

    This week we stroke our own egos and talk about other podcasts that talk about us, Jensen talks about her Mexican diarrhea, Pawn Puns, Letgo haggling, Rick & Morty, Binging TV, Disneyland private guides, Chester Bennington and Linkin Park.

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    Special 4 - Cut Bits: We Messed Up A Recording Edition

    I'm not gonna lie, we recorded a pretty lame episode this week. So I wasn't too devastated when my (Tyler's) audio was messed up. Yeah, there could be a conspiracy (you'll never prove it!). So here are some clips that we had to cut from a previous episode.

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    16 - He Kinda Looks Like Boner

    This week our guest is Jenny from the 90s TV Hour Podcast. We discuss: Tyler & Will's Rickmobile experience, Jenny talks about NYCC, cosplaying, and haggling for art, TV Shows lasting too long & when they should end, Video Games based on TV shows, & Will has a 90's TV Themed series of questions in this week's Next Question.

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