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    112. Munchy Syndrome

    It's just Tyler & Will this week. Tyler clears some beef from last week, we talk about Kevin Spacy, Stranger Things 3, does Twitter track you?, our foot injuries, Spiderman Far From Home/Marvel, We play Am I The Asshole?, & we scheme to undermine Artur & Ethan.

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    111. Reprehensible Oculus

    This week its just Ethan & Will. They assume the worst of Tyler (who was at a work thing), Will got an Oculus, why the Irish and Russians drink, they steal one of Tyler's games, and... some other stuff?

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    110. #ComfFactor #DogProtectiveServices #Ding

    This week we have the return of Max (aka MaxBox). We talk about Roblocks, what host will die first, Tyler asks him a lot of questions about operation a successful YouTube channel, Jury Duty, Metadata Tagging, we dive into r/AmITheAsshole posts, Tyler shares his own Am I The Asshole moment, and we play a round Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary.

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    108. Tyler is the Best Dad in the World

    This week our #1 guest Aanna returns and we talking about her thoughts on our 100th Episode, Ethan catches up on his sister's life, Ethan & Aanna's mom's relationship & new step-dad/guy/person, Kraft Salad Frosting, Will has a new invention, we play Am I The Asshole, some parenting tips, new Batman, & Dad-bod superheroes.

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    107. Joe Rogaine For Trans Athletes

    It is I, Will. I edited this weeks episode and I don't usually get to type the descriptions. so I was thinking they should make a sequel to The Shawshank Redemption, where Andy needs decides to break back INTO the prison. so he crawls through the poop pipe again, and he climbs up and back into his hole. then he has Red start laying down cement to seal up the hole from the outside. then Andy is just like "Hey guys i never left" and then everyone is like "Say whaaaaat?" and then Andy hands them security footage of the actual murderer committing the crime. and he's like "I really was innocent the whole time" and then everyone goes "Wait... Whaaaaaaat?" and then Andy goes to Zihuatanejo and meets up with Red, Jake and his Wife. Oh I forgot. Andy's wife is alive. the whole thing was set up to get the life insurance pay out. you didn't actually think she wanted to cheat on Andy did you? Credits Roll

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    106. Please Don't Cancel Us

    It's just Will & Tyler Episode and this week we have Will explain Game of Thrones having never seen an episode, we breakdown how the Pre-cogs work in the movie Minority Report so we can commit murder, and The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.

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    105. D00 Whawp

    This week it's just Tyler & Will and we talking about Quentin Tarantino movies, Netflix's Ted Bundy biopic & doc, Tyler got a scooter, Will updates us on his current Shawshank lifestyle, we dice into some Am I An Asshole posts, 23 & Me, and a family secret.

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    104. What about the Black Irish Gay Dads?

    Artur is MIA this week, Ethan has some issues, we play a Maother's Day version of Am I The Asshole?, Will takes his segment back, Tyler tells a Jimmy Neutron the Motion Picture story and gets judged, we talk about first generation YouTubers, Ethan found a fallen bird's nest, and Tyler makes a really nerdy reference the end the episode.

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