Talking Fail

Humans making noise

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    76. Enthusiastically Human

    Tyler started recording with the wrong microphone settings but fixed it after a few minutes. Ethan witnessed a crime, Will had jury duty, Ethan found a card by the river, Tyler talks about robots, & Artur met a lawyer.

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    75. A Horse on the Rocks

    This week we being our monthly Dungeons and Dragons. We are playing: Artur: Gari Garthoth Ethan: Lyndamange Will: Miss Demeanor Tyler: Jorge EEEEEE

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    74. Earth's Glass Ceiling

    This week Ethan invites his friend on the show and we talk about Flat Earth the whole time.

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    73. Respect the Process

    This week Ethan hosts and we talk about current tennis news, 9/11, Will bought a vape, Elon Musk's bad habits, and we criticize a child's church song.

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    71. Town Hall of Two

    This week the slackers bail on us so it's just Ethan & Tyler. We reveal Ethan & Tyler's origin story, we talk about what we enjoy about doing the podcast, what we don't like about the podcast, and make plans for the future of the show.

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    69. Get Down!

    This week we invite Kris over to play some "Dungeons" & "Dragons" while Ethan is out of town. Enjoy.

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    68. A Stacked Pair of Queens

    This week Will's internet is down so Tyler graciously hosts him at his house, Will deals with some raw meat, we check on Ethan's spoons, Artur has new roommates, we talk about our bedrooms growing up, Artur is reminded of American Psycho, and we guess what Arrested Development Kids are older or younger.

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    67. Domestically Friends

    After a small misstep with out intro we are off to a great start, we review Elon Musk, Artur checked his mail, Tyler tries to tell a story about his email, we tackle the whole "James Gunn vs Tim Gunn" situation but we hit all the big names like Dan Harmon & Roseanne Barr, and Ethan may or may not be sleep eating.

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