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    16 - He Kinda Looks Like Boner

    This week our guest is Jenny from the 90s TV Hour Podcast. We discuss: Tyler & Will's Rickmobile experience, Jenny talks about NYCC, cosplaying, and haggling for art, TV Shows lasting too long & when they should end, Video Games based on TV shows, & Will has a 90's TV Themed series of questions in this week's Next Question.

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    Special 3 - Best Of, Kinda

    We took a week off because of America. Don't worry though, we still have plenty of show for you.

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    Special 2 - Studio Test Show

    We try out recording in the same location and we talk about Artur & Ethan's Road Trip, with visits to a museum, motorcycle shop, some old man's art store, and the best bread consistency for your sandwich.

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    15 - I Don't Know Where I Fit Into This

    This week we reboot the podcast, replace our director with Ron Howard, talk about Ethan's mailbox shenanigans, We discuss local Sacramento news, the shows Angie Tribeca & the Naked Gun, and finally we take Listener Questions from the Young, Free, and Coupled podcast with a shout out to the Two Brothers Talk Games podcast.

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    14 - Do All Robots Go To Heaven?

    This week Artur is "working" but we brought in Aanna Sapp to talk about her trip to Russia. We reveal the dirt on Chick Fil A and that they are secretly open on Sundays... Robots, AI, and rude Police Charities. Russia: Bread Soda and a clothing optional sauna. We plan our upcoming first in person recording episode Aanna's mom clearly loves her more than she does Ethan In this week's Next Question, we answer sibling related questions.

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    13 - You're Not In Kansas Anymore

    Artur and Ethan's Road trip, Tyler shares his trucker experience, Fairy Tales vs Parables ...and how they apply to Hitler? E3 2017, Tyler is an ignorant old man of the show, 4k vs HD, Consumerism movie ratings, Tyler's first rated R movie.

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    12 - I Paid for a Full Session

    Ethan is moving so he had to record via his laptop microphone so please excuse the quality. He doesn't talk much anyway... This week we recap the Escape Room with Jensen, Will and Ethan explore their hypothetical relationship, and Jensen asks the deep questions.

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    Special 1 - Ready Player One

    In a special episode Tyler invites Paul O'Malley on to talk the book and upcoming film Ready Player One written by Ernest Cline.

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    11 - Burnt Pile of Folgers and Oddities In Your Variables

    The mellowest conversation about the origins coffee you will ever hear. Acid takes science. Steven Spielberg (Director of Jurassic Park II, War of the Worlds, & Indiana Jones 4) will be producing the return of the Animaiacs. TV shows that we lost before their time. We ask ourselves questions to ask a guy you like.

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