Talking Fail

Humans making noise

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    32 - #PullMyPlug

    It's spoooooky one this week. Will tells us who he dressed up as, We tell scary stories (Well scary to us at the time...), We solve robot ethics, keyboard facts, & we share our favorite scary movies.

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    31 - None of this was Normal

    Ethan & Artur attempt double hosting and human small talk, we practice ad reads, original xBox games come to the Xbox One, Tyler talks about going to see Nine Inch Nails at Aftershock 2017, movie theater social obligations, Artur needs a new licence plate, Will ponders how much his life is worth, Artur explains how he committed light insurance fraud, we recast The Shining, and we talk about Ethan's crotch.

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    30 - Jon Voight-Kampf Test

    Dustin Hoffman, Artur reports on a brush fire, autism is a good thing!, we are 30 episodes old, IT, Ethan is a 1999 Historian, Tyler tries to be nostalgic, more escape rooms, Ethan works near Tyler's kids, & spoiler free Bladerunner/Bladerunner 2049 talk.

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    29 - Ever Since Time

    Will's Natalie Portman retraction, Tyler's thoughts on Sports Ball mascots, Ethan makes some threats that he can't back up, Artur wants to play an Amazing game of Tag but it kinda falls apart, The Orvile got Canceled?, Conflict Diamonds vs Blood Diamonds, Nat Port's dog shelter, We improv Ethan into an emotional corner, Ethan also, learns how to read, Jaden Smith's Batman Batman Batman, The Black Box, Chuck Norris' thoughts on life, more Gnomes.

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    28 - Lohaned vs Highhand

    Curb Your Enthusiasm returns, we compare the seasons of Arrested Development, How Will Arnett looks so young, Artur learns what Talking Fail is really about, Artur spoils the book and movie The City of Ember, why Brian Cranston whistled in Malcolm in the Middle, Will tells a homeless story, we somehow get onto Micheal Cane movies, and finally we talk way too much about. Gnomeo and Juliet Not gunna lie, we just quote a lot of Arrested Development in this one...

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    27 - Funnel Cake Spider

    This week we are joined by Josh Zugai from the 2 Brothers Talk Games podcast. We embarrass our homeland by revealing how little we know about the world beyond our borders, Will eats, Ethan gets his heritage results back, Australian killer spiders, gun control, Australia's history/politics, Josh's game: In The End, There Was Kindness, and Josh rips Tyler an new one Australian style. (Editor's Note, I left this last portion completely uncensored to preserve the full impact of Josh's work)

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    26 - Artur Can Never Choose Episode Titles

    We refine our Bingo game, Will give advice for homeless people, The Vietnam War Documentary by Ken Burns & it's soundtrack, The Rock Presidency, what is a valid Emmy nomination, the hosts turn on each other, Will went to the DMV, We start monitoring our neighborhoods, Artur tell us a story may or may not incriminate himself, Ethan pulls off a transition, Ethan & Will propose a new Netflix show.

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    25 - Talking Bingo

    We kick things off with the next part in Heritage Watch 2017, we meet Ethan's "Mom", Star Wars Episode 9's new director, more Tarkin in Star Wars, we create the Talking Fail Bingo card, our hand washing habits, Artur's wine sample trouble, Will tries a new segment, Ethan wants to experiment, Artur has a friend, Ethan explains Portland Comic Con to his grandma but ends up digging himself into a hole, & Will tells a short joke.

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    24 - Bread, Spam, & Cheese

    Aanna calls out Ethan, Artur talks Burning Man, Will & Aanna resolve their issues, We talk about the recent Star Wars Episode 9 News and what is happening with Disney and their problems with keeping directors.

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    23 - You've Always Lived Where You've Lived

    This week Kevin Howe from Nerdy Things Podcast the Chevron Unlocked Podcast joins us. We discuss the Stargate Franchise, the Oculus Touch, our end of the world plans, drones, & Ethan learns about the Mansons.

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