Talking Fail

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    113. Area 69

    Ethan, Tyler, & Will sit down to discuss Ethan's mounted TV, getting rid of Facebook, Will ordered a pizza, Tyler & Will tell family stories, we all say one nice-ish thing about Artur, we research/judge, and we plan out assault on Area 51.

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    112. Munchy Syndrome

    It's just Tyler & Will this week. Tyler clears some beef from last week, we talk about Kevin Spacy, Stranger Things 3, does Twitter track you?, our foot injuries, Spiderman Far From Home/Marvel, We play Am I The Asshole?, & we scheme to undermine Artur & Ethan.

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    111. Reprehensible Oculus

    This week its just Ethan & Will. They assume the worst of Tyler (who was at a work thing), Will got an Oculus, why the Irish and Russians drink, they steal one of Tyler's games, and... some other stuff?

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    110. #ComfFactor #DogProtectiveServices #Ding

    This week we have the return of Max (aka MaxBox). We talk about Roblocks, what host will die first, Tyler asks him a lot of questions about operation a successful YouTube channel, Jury Duty, Metadata Tagging, we dive into r/AmITheAsshole posts, Tyler shares his own Am I The Asshole moment, and we play a round Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary.

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    108. Tyler is the Best Dad in the World

    This week our #1 guest Aanna returns and we talking about her thoughts on our 100th Episode, Ethan catches up on his sister's life, Ethan & Aanna's mom's relationship & new step-dad/guy/person, Kraft Salad Frosting, Will has a new invention, we play Am I The Asshole, some parenting tips, new Batman, & Dad-bod superheroes.

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    107. Joe Rogaine For Trans Athletes

    It is I, Will. I edited this weeks episode and I don't usually get to type the descriptions. so I was thinking they should make a sequel to The Shawshank Redemption, where Andy needs decides to break back INTO the prison. so he crawls through the poop pipe again, and he climbs up and back into his hole. then he has Red start laying down cement to seal up the hole from the outside. then Andy is just like "Hey guys i never left" and then everyone is like "Say whaaaaat?" and then Andy hands them security footage of the actual murderer committing the crime. and he's like "I really was innocent the whole time" and then everyone goes "Wait... Whaaaaaaat?" and then Andy goes to Zihuatanejo and meets up with Red, Jake and his Wife. Oh I forgot. Andy's wife is alive. the whole thing was set up to get the life insurance pay out. you didn't actually think she wanted to cheat on Andy did you? Credits Roll

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    106. Please Don't Cancel Us

    It's just Will & Tyler Episode and this week we have Will explain Game of Thrones having never seen an episode, we breakdown how the Pre-cogs work in the movie Minority Report so we can commit murder, and The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.

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    105. D00 Whawp

    This week it's just Tyler & Will and we talking about Quentin Tarantino movies, Netflix's Ted Bundy biopic & doc, Tyler got a scooter, Will updates us on his current Shawshank lifestyle, we dice into some Am I An Asshole posts, 23 & Me, and a family secret.

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    104. What about the Black Irish Gay Dads?

    Artur is MIA this week, Ethan has some issues, we play a Maother's Day version of Am I The Asshole?, Will takes his segment back, Tyler tells a Jimmy Neutron the Motion Picture story and gets judged, we talk about first generation YouTubers, Ethan found a fallen bird's nest, and Tyler makes a really nerdy reference the end the episode.

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    101. Out Of Context Gurb

    This week we record in person and Will tries to make Ethan self conscious, a bit about This Is Us, some updates on how the D&D episodes going forward, Fosters beer, Tyler brings a game, we dive into the site, we look at former US vice President Dan Quayle, we play a round of Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary, and Artur tells us about his visit to a church of some kind.

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    One Hundred Point Five

    Here is some extra post show audio that we recorded after Ethan left. Guests: Tyler "Bleep" & Kris.

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    100. The 100th Episode Extravaganza

    It's finally here, episode 100! We reminisce on the last 100 episodes, bring on guests, and we plan for the future.

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    98. What's Your Smash Name?

    We have an in person episode and this week we talk about last week's episode, a small round of throwback references, we try to remind Artur what happened at Ethan's birthday party, we have a followup on one post as well as diving into another post.

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    97. Boys & Crusty Men

    Tyler and Artur can't make it this recording and they go off the rails pretty quick. They talk about Ethan's birthday outing, they ask some deep questions about pregnancy, how Will & Ethan met, Ethan called a guest who doesn't want to be named, Will middle school feelings, and things get pretty deep.

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    96. No One Talks About Gay Moms

    Ethan is back (again) but Artur is out at some conference. We talking about GDC, Leaving Neverland, Season 5B of Arrested Development, James Gunn's return to Disney, Idris Elba, the DC film lineup, the Flat Earth Netflix documentary Behind the Curve, Ethan's hair, & Love, Death + Robots.

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    95. Totally Not a Frat

    This week Ethan is out but Bleep is in. Tyler Mills joins us for an in person episode. We explain the origin of bleeping Mills' name, Artur's tattoo, we play a round of Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary, we talk about our history with Mills, Alex Jones on the Joe Rogan podcast, and the flat earth doc Chasing the Curve.

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    93. You Just Lost Your Human Child, Here's A Rodent

    This week it's just Tyler and Will. We talk about the new Men in Black trailer, Nasubi, The Umbrella Academy, McDonald's Food, we dive into posts, and we make up some side effects for positive things.

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    92. Gender Neutral Piss Hole [RPG]

    This week we play our regular Dungeons and Dragons.

    We are playing:

    • Artur: Gari Garthoth
    • Ethan: Lyndamange
    • Will: Miss Demeanor
    • Tyler: Jorge EEEEEE
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    90. This is Going to Throw Off Artur's Rhythm

    Artur & Tyler are the only ones on time for the start of the podcast, we have some slight confusion as to how hosting works, we play Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary, and we tried to do Will's segment but his internet cut out.

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    89. Get That Cheap Chicken

    This week Artur is gone and Ethan is late so Will and Tyler kick things off with a quick Shawshank Redemption commentary, the Pewdiepie vs T Series race, Ocean's 8, we dive into the Subreddit /r/AmItheAsshole to pass our judgement, Ethan arrives with updates on Artur's location, We play a round of Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary, and Will makes a very "Will" statement.

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    87. I Paint With Turds

    We start out the New Year with our usual enthusiasm, we play a round Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary, we talked about Bird Box (minor spoilers), Bandersnatch, the Chinese Room Experiment, Artur swoops in to save the show, and we talk about future podcast plans.

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    86. Cheap Sexual Thrills

    We take the week off so here is the safety episode that we recorded before episode 85.

    Happy Holidays!

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    The Shawshank Commentary Special

    We made a huge mistake and left Will with the keys to the podcast and he recoreded a commentary to The Shawshank Redemption.

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    85. The Harrier of the Bird Community [RPG]

    This week we being our regular Dungeons and Dragons.

    We are playing:

    • Artur: Gari Garthoth
    • Ethan: Lyndamange
    • Will: Miss Demeanor
    • Tyler: Jorge EEEEEE
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    84. You've Got Male

    We start this week with a round Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary, Will saw The Prince & The Pauper, Tyler updates us on his Neighborhood, & Will has horrible neighbors.

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    83. Bring that Bubby

    We start the show without Artur, talking about Netflix's Haunting of Hill House with minimal spoilers, We play another round of Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary, we talk about Presidential nominee and noted lunatic John McAfee, and Ethan presents some audio of himself when he was on too many meds.

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    82. Let's Go Meet What's-His-Face [RPG]

    This week we being our regular Dungeons and Dragons.

    We are playing:

    • Artur: Gari Garthoth
    • Ethan: Lyndamange
    • Will: Miss Demeanor
    • Tyler: Jorge EEEEEE
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    81. The Mike Myers Episode

    Ethan is out this week but we manage somehow, we play a round of Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary, Will saw Bohemian Rhapsody, Shrek is getting rebooted, we breakdown how magic works in Shrek, Austin Powers 4, & Australians know American politics better than Americans.

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    80. I just Cheesed The System

    We start without Artur this week, Ethan picked up a hitchhiker and didn't die, we play another round of Tyler's Very Classy Culture Corner: Random Urban Dictionary, we talk the upcoming elections in California, and is daylight savings time necessary?

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    79. Two Rooms and One Hallway [RPG]

    This week we being our monthly Dungeons and Dragons. We are playing: Artur/Kris: Gari Garthoth Ethan: Lyndamange Will: Miss Demeanor Tyler: Jorge EEEEEE

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    78. If You Kill Yourself, You Die In Real Life

    This week Artur took a nap and missed the show, Ethan was at a family wedding, Tyler introduces a new game, we talk about the state of Call of Duty games, we talk about future podcast ideas, we rank the world religions, Will describes what love tastes like, Tyler's closet is like Narnia, and we discover the next generation of horror movies.

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    77. Dropkick Your Bizkit

    Ethan is out of town this week, Will is back on the wagon, we tackle the the ICP/Limp Bizkit drama, we figure out who the worst band in the world is, Will went to comedy club, we talking about the state of stand up and Saturday Night Live, the Police Squad/Naked Gun franchise, Nathan For You, the Rick & Morty soundtrack, the cassette comeback, Ingenious Peoples Day, Will likes beer, and the other Smith kid.

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    76. Enthusiastically Human

    Tyler started recording with the wrong microphone settings but fixed it after a few minutes. Ethan witnessed a crime, Will had jury duty, Ethan found a card by the river, Tyler talks about robots, & Artur met a lawyer.

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    75. A Horse on the Rocks [RPG]

    This week we being our monthly Dungeons and Dragons. We are playing: Artur: Gari Garthoth Ethan: Lyndamange Will: Miss Demeanor Tyler: Jorge EEEEEE

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    74. Earth's Glass Ceiling

    This week Ethan invites his friend on the show and we talk about Flat Earth the whole time.

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    73. Respect the Process

    This week Ethan hosts and we talk about current tennis news, 9/11, Will bought a vape, Elon Musk's bad habits, and we criticize a child's church song.

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    71. Town Hall of Two

    This week the slackers bail on us so it's just Ethan & Tyler. We reveal Ethan & Tyler's origin story, we talk about what we enjoy about doing the podcast, what we don't like about the podcast, and make plans for the future of the show.

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    69. Get Down! [RPG]

    This week we invite Kris over to play some "Dungeons" & "Dragons" while Ethan is out of town. Enjoy.

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    68. A Stacked Pair of Queens

    This week Will's internet is down so Tyler graciously hosts him at his house, Will deals with some raw meat, we check on Ethan's spoons, Artur has new roommates, we talk about our bedrooms growing up, Artur is reminded of American Psycho, and we guess what Arrested Development Kids are older or younger.

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    67. Domestically Friends

    After a small misstep with out intro we are off to a great start, we review Elon Musk, Artur checked his mail, Tyler tries to tell a story about his email, we tackle the whole "James Gunn vs Tim Gunn" situation but we hit all the big names like Dan Harmon & Roseanne Barr, and Ethan may or may not be sleep eating.

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    66. I'm Free From Stress Ball

    Aanna is back (again?), Will is show's hype man, Aanna fills us in on the status of Ukraine, we finally get to the bottom of Artur's mysterious trip this summer, Will explains how bees stingers work, we call Ethan to see where he is & Will opens a stress ball.

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    65. We're Going To Die Soon

    First off Artur's mic is acting up in this episode. Ethan crashed Tyler & Will's family 4th of July, older religious rules, the REAL first Avenger, Ethan & Artur make Tyler & Will really uncomfortable, a mental health update from Ethan, Will & Ethan make fun of Tyler's recording area, we play a clip from the episode of House Hunters that Barbscreen was on, Will is confused when people say his name, and Barb Wire the movie.

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    64. Did You Read The Manga?

    We recap our American Independence Days, Ethan is stuck in the past, Will saw the Baywatch The Motion Picture and explains how it relates to the Transformers franchise, we do more Left Channel & Right Channel shenanigans, Are the Incredibles movies for kids?, Schindler's List Merchandising, Tyler comes up a new Transformer, a Hardwick Update, Will tells a story, & we inprov the ending with our guest Barbscreen.

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    63. No Strings With Benefits

    Long but important intro, we discuss how to live like kings, we learn how not to get blackmailed by our friends, we lament the Old Man From Pawn Stars, we look at Artur's side business, we decide what to do with our remains when we die, Pride Month, we celebrate American Independence Day, what if we had Japanese podcast counterparts, Ethan isn't that husky anymore, and we define what husky actually means.

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    62. You Are Infringing On My Right To Infringe On Your Rights

    EDITORS NOTE: This episode is best experienced in stereo.
    We all all back in the same... room? Will still has a problem, Artur won't give us any details from his trip, we stay on top of all of the allegations, we realize that we could be using our tech better, we install ejector seats into the podcast, we imagine Hitler in Arrested Development, we start the Ethan History Segment, and we explain Pride Day.

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    61. Free Range Ethan

    We record all in the same room, We learn about dead ants, Ethan defines genders, what the worst smelling dead animals are, we set Ethan's goal for the 2nd year of the podcast, how to cook human flesh Keifer Sutherland for President, we chat about the state of the new Star Wars films, Will breaks Tyler's streak, we review our download stats, and we discuss some E3 highlights.

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    60. Miners Only

    DISCLAIMER: Will and Ethan recorded and edited this on their own. Listen at your own risk.

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    59. You Always Measure From The Fan Base

    We decide when we are going to end the podcast, who owns what parts of the show, Rick & Morty's 70 episode deal, Will updates us on the whole "Korea Thing", 12 year old Natalie Portman, Will defends Hitler for a minute, Ethan has small culture crisis, Ethan wants to know if he is still allowed to watch the Cosby Show, Will has an Oculus Touch Level story, Artur has some bad wine tasting advice, Tyler learns that the podcast is all a lie, and Will & Tyler compare downloads.

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    58. You're Getting Soft Out There

    It was Will's birthday and he went to a ballet, Artur reports on Google's new AI, someone gave Will a lighter, Ethan defines an "Air Force", a spoiler free review of A Quiet Place, AI Podcasts, we figure out how to torture your AI, we discuss Childish Gambino's This Is America Video, and the Scooter Rental Situation in San Francisco.

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    57. Phishing For Adegbite Adewunmi Sijuwade

    Artur knows a guy and asked him to come on the Podcast. His name is Danny and he is pretty cool. We learn what IT means, how to get phished, how to fix an xRay machine, we recap who the members of NSync are, ASMR and how it's weird, how Artur & Danny met, how not to steal from a video game store, & we have a small spoiler free chat about Avengers: Infinity War.

    Spoiler Alert: my password is all of these show notes.

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    56. Forty Legions of Phantoms

    This week we recorded twice and Artur couldn't be there for either time. What a jerk. We theorize what he could be doing, serial killers, Will does some crafting, we learn how to make a serial killer, a casting update on The Secret of Pets, Ethan wants to recruit Artur's friends for the podcast, The original Chronicles of Narnia movie & what Hitler (Played by Ray Romano) would do in that land, & Ethan finally learns about circumcision.

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    55. Annihilation Discussion

    This week is a continuation of last week's recording where Aanna, Artur, Tyler & Will talked about the movie Annihilation staring Natalie Portman. We begin with a spoiler free discussion so it is safe to listen to if you haven't seen the movie. We do give a spoiler warning before going deeper.

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    54. You Gunna Cry About It?

    Ethan's laptop died so Aanna took one for the team and filled in for him. We talk about the Westworld Spoiler Video/spoilers in general, and we play the Moral Machine to choose who to kill.

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    53. Putin on the Ritz

    Aanna is back again this week, Artur is terrible at Trivia Nights, Will reviews Best F(r)iends, Seriously, will we ever stop bringing up The Room, Reddit's Circle of Trust, Ready Player One, what is Ethan doing right now, we try to improv a scene a few times, Aanna pitches us a new podcast, & we improve a scene at a Denny's.

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    52. Class-E Felony

    It's a totally normal podcast, no April Fools Day shenanigans here! Ethan's mic sucks, we pick our favorite moments from the last year of podcasting, we revisit an old argument, we check in with Alex, Ethan reads his own Shawshank Redemption erotic fan fiction, ANOTHER call back to Ethan's birthday party, Ethan's mom gave him a weird book, and we finally find Will's line.

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    51. Путин навсегда

    Will thinks that not drinking for one night is rehab, we talk Russian Politics, Artur's version of Ethan's birthday party, RIP Keyboard Cat, Ethan has other friends, some conspiracies, Who will bare the mantle of the Husky?, We talk about some other Tyler we know, Indian Food or Fast food?, Who has the best nuggets?, Will tells an actual heartwarming story and Tyler turns it real dark real fast, St Patrick's day, & Ethan falls into a trap.

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    50. Love is Bigger Than a Microwave

    Artur can't get though a story, We try March Madness, Will shares a couple of stories, Ethan reactivates his twitter, Will bought a tiny booze bottle, & Tyler has some sad news

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    49. The Curse of the Bad-Ass Sweater

    This week we some of us start on time and some others don't. Will shares some things he found on the Urban Dictionary, Ethan arrives so we recap his birthday adventures including: how to make a creepy guy go away, a possibly drunk Uber driver, Will realizes that he may have a drinking problem, Ethan may drink a lot, Will totally has a drinking problem, & Ethan actually has an interesting "new segment"

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    48. Redeeming Shawshank

    We recorded on Ethan's 21st birthday, Will tried some sauce, our favorite movie, vanta black building, & did you really think we could be finished with the Shawshank Redemption?

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    47. The Tyler Show With Tyler

    Artur is late to the recording and no one makes fun of him for it, Will has seen The Room too many times, Tosh.0 to Talk Soup to The Soup to The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale, Tyler realizes he is the Captain now, the raging flames in Ethan loins, Will, tries his hand at trending topics, Nirvana/Foo Fighters/Radiohead, Disabled people at concerts, bands only sing songs about themselves, we talk about Ethan's 21st birthday, & we talking about the new show: Crusin' Craigslist.

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    46. Dead Guys Aren't Bad, Dead Guys Who Are Now Not Dead Are Bad

    Will gets us started with a new segment, Will apologizes... kinda, how much we got from the Tooth Friary, serial killers, Artur has fake money, Ethan tasers himself, Artur wants to move, & PSA: don't send people pictures of your keys.

  74. Thumb 1518112191 artwork

    45. Mostly the Left Bit

    Ethan is out this week but we trudge on. Will can't let go of The Room, we play a game, talk about the SpaceX launch, we play random music, Artur tells some stories about being robbed, Will asks a timely question, and we cover the Winter Olympics.

  75. Thumb 1517897252 artwork

    44. What Happens When Heroin Does Kids?

    Brain returns to much fanfare, we recommend the best ways to listen to the podcast, Brian & Tyler talk about their new podcast The Discographers (check it out now!), we improv something? Ethan saw The Room so we have to talk about it, somehow Ethan got us on circumcisions, we get the bottom of the whole Aziz Ansari, & Ethan explains sex.

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    Patreon Exclusive Cut Bits - February

    These are clips from January that didn't make it into episode due to time.

    Thank you for supporting us!

    Music for this episode was provided by Zach Havrilla.

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    43. 30% Citizen

    We are finally all in the same room at the same time. Artur has a bad mic, Will drinks for some reason, we take the US Citizen Test, Artur tells a Colombia bar story, Will wants to know what underwear we wear, Will's favorite First Lady, What is the best thing you can buy for $50, & our controller layouts.

  78. Thumb 1517302683 artwork

    42. Sponsored By An Act Of God

    This week Tyler is the cause of all the podcast's problems, Will starts ANOTHER new segment, Artur defines an Act of God, Will just wont let anyone forget ALL of Tyler's failures, We start doing some totally real ads, the definition of Sinergy, & Will tells us about his "The Talk".

    Remember to drink responsibly.

  79. Thumb 1517302689 artwork

    41. Dress For The Job Have to Want Later, Not The One That's Currently There For You To Have Now

    Ethan, Will, & Tyler record live at Tyler's house. We talk about the day Will became a Man-boy, the curse of Andy Richter, how to buy haunted dolls, smoking laws in California (not THOSE laws...), Will has another new segment, The Golden Globes, Tyler introduces his own new segment, we plan Ethan's 21st Birthday, we finally do that new segment, & Tyler tells the story of the Picture of the Old Man (

  80. Thumb 1515084414 artwork

    40. Cream of the Crop

    Artur joins us from Columbia, Will challenges Artur for the title he gave him, Will responds to a scandalous tweet he sent, Colombia is just like the show Narcos but with paintball, Will went to a stand up show, Tyler's nonexistent 2 year old, Will has a beef with Tyler's editing, and he reveals his rap group name.

  81. Thumb 1517302701 artwork

    39. The Sha-nuka Snafu

    Give us new toys and we immediately abuse them, Will got each of us gifts with mixed results, Will unpacks the mysteries of Kwanzaa, What was the most expensive thing that has been stolen from you?, & we list some disappointing/best Christmas gifts.

  82. Thumb 1517302732 artwork

    38. Monopolyscrabblerisk

    This week we have a special guest: Crystal from Board Game Blitz and Podcuture Plays D&D and we grill her about Board Games. Look, I know show notes are are really important but we just talked about board games and maybe I don't want to spoil every last detail right here. It was all good, give it a listen.

  83. Thumb 1517302739 artwork

    37. A Disc In Space

    This week Artur & Will get started the show on their own while Ethan & Tyler troubleshoot all the things. Once we we get going we discuss some of the latest allegations, who is and isn't a Lizard Person, how the earth is really flat, Tyler & Will saw Foo Fighters live, & we get sucked into the Flat Earth wiki.

  84. Thumb 1517302741 artwork

    36. Ethan is in me, okay

    Will and Ethan team up to host again and this week Ethan has some laptop issues so he crashes at Artur's place, Will needs to address the week's episode, Will ponders how much water is actually in his body, we factually recap Charles Manson's life, Artur & Tyler explain how the Patreion donations are divided, Number Stations, we discuss the call to ban glitter, Will offends all of England, we talk about Super staches, Will updates us on new listeners, Ethan says domicile, Artur updates up on San Francisco crime, Lawyer Dog, & we take a friendship test.

  85. Thumb 1511413194 artwork

    35. Subverted Expectations

    We are two hosts down so we brought in some last minute replacements: Aanna & Jon. We talk about Curb Your Enthusiasm is improvised, Rick & Morty's fandom, this week's notable deaths & how much negativity we allow into our lives, & and doing research, Uber vs Lyft, GIF vs JIF, Tyler claims he went to school & his enjoyment of films.

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  87. Thumb 1510624773 artwork

    34. Gaudy Bracelets Give Bodacious Style Because They Aren't Tubular Dude - Part 1

    Aanna is back and we hand her the keys to the show for a week. We talk about Star Trek Discovery vs The Orville, we realize that we may all be figments of someone's imagination, We learn about 80's themed murder mystery themed slang, Artur played tag gloriously, and we try to make a sentence one word at a time.

  88. Thumb 1510119638 artwork

    33. How'd You Survive?!

    Will tells us about how he may have gained us a new listener at a masquerade, Artur shares how he tried to do the same at work, Artur tells about app based toilets and how that relates to homelessness, we reveal the podcast hierarchy, Socioeconomics of a beehive, Ethan asks for parenting advice but Will answers, Disney wanted to buy a Fox & why HD Original Trilogy Star Wars is hard, & we talk about the current state of superhero movies.

  89. Thumb 1509658129 artwork

    32. #PullMyPlug

    It's spoooooky one this week. Will tells us who he dressed up as, We tell scary stories (Well scary to us at the time...), We solve robot ethics, keyboard facts, & we share our favorite scary movies.

  90. Thumb 1509038255 artwork

    31. None of this was Normal

    Ethan & Artur attempt double hosting and human small talk, we practice ad reads, original xBox games come to the Xbox One, Tyler talks about going to see Nine Inch Nails at Aftershock 2017, movie theater social obligations, Artur needs a new licence plate, Will ponders how much his life is worth, Artur explains how he committed light insurance fraud, we recast The Shining, and we talk about Ethan's crotch.

  91. Thumb 1508808307 artwork

    30. Jon Voight-Kampf Test

    Dustin Hoffman, Artur reports on a brush fire, autism is a good thing!, we are 30 episodes old, IT, Ethan is a 1999 Historian, Tyler tries to be nostalgic, more escape rooms, Ethan works near Tyler's kids, & spoiler free Bladerunner/Bladerunner 2049 talk.

  92. Thumb 1507909064 artwork

    29. Ever Since Time

    Will's Natalie Portman retraction, Tyler's thoughts on Sports Ball mascots, Ethan makes some threats that he can't back up, Artur wants to play an Amazing game of Tag but it kinda falls apart, The Orvile got Canceled?, Conflict Diamonds vs Blood Diamonds, Nat Port's dog shelter, We improv Ethan into an emotional corner, Ethan also, learns how to read, Jaden Smith's Batman Batman Batman, The Black Box, Chuck Norris' thoughts on life, more Gnomes.

  93. Thumb 1507256653 artwork

    28. Lohaned vs Highhand

    Curb Your Enthusiasm returns, we compare the seasons of Arrested Development, How Will Arnett looks so young, Artur learns what Talking Fail is really about, Artur spoils the book and movie The City of Ember, why Brian Cranston whistled in Malcolm in the Middle, Will tells a homeless story, we somehow get onto Micheal Cane movies, and finally we talk way too much about. Gnomeo and Juliet Not gunna lie, we just quote a lot of Arrested Development in this one...

  94. Thumb 1506651109 artwork

    27. Funnel Cake Spider

    This week we are joined by Josh Zugai from the 2 Brothers Talk Games podcast. We embarrass our homeland by revealing how little we know about the world beyond our borders, Will eats, Ethan gets his heritage results back, Australian killer spiders, gun control, Australia's history/politics, Josh's game: In The End, There Was Kindness, and Josh rips Tyler an new one Australian style. (Editor's Note, I left this last portion completely uncensored to preserve the full impact of Josh's work)

  95. Thumb 1505936906 artwork

    26. Artur Can Never Choose Episode Titles

    We refine our Bingo game, Will give advice for homeless people, The Vietnam War Documentary by Ken Burns & it's soundtrack, The Rock Presidency, what is a valid Emmy nomination, the hosts turn on each other, Will went to the DMV, We start monitoring our neighborhoods, Artur tell us a story may or may not incriminate himself, Ethan pulls off a transition, Ethan & Will propose a new Netflix show.

  96. Thumb 1505318438 artwork

    25. Talking Bingo

    We kick things off with the next part in Heritage Watch 2017, we meet Ethan's "Mom", Star Wars Episode 9's new director, more Tarkin in Star Wars, we create the Talking Fail Bingo card, our hand washing habits, Artur's wine sample trouble, Will tries a new segment, Ethan wants to experiment, Artur has a friend, Ethan explains Portland Comic Con to his grandma but ends up digging himself into a hole, & Will tells a short joke.

  97. Thumb 1504711536 artwork

    24. Bread, Spam, & Cheese

    Aanna calls out Ethan, Artur talks Burning Man, Will & Aanna resolve their issues, We talk about the recent Star Wars Episode 9 News and what is happening with Disney and their problems with keeping directors.

  98. Thumb 1504242303 artwork

    23. You've Always Lived Where You've Lived

    This week Kevin Howe from Nerdy Things Podcast the Chevron Unlocked Podcast joins us. We discuss the Stargate Franchise, the Oculus Touch, our end of the world plans, drones, & Ethan learns about the Mansons.

  99. Thumb 1503593987 artwork

    22. The Producer Inside of Me

    This week we skirt American politics while talking about the eclipse, does anyone actually read this, Minecraft edition of the Xbox One, Will has a new roommate, Michael McDonald vs Michael McDonald, The Secret Motion Picture, and We lookup our names in the Urban Dictionary.

  100. Thumb 1503002380 artwork

    21. Smouth Mash

    Ethan is back! We discuss what we did for Sharkweek, plans for the eclipse, our birthdays, back the eclipse, we ruin some yo mama jokes, we explain landline telephones, Jake Galifianakis, we solve marriage equality, Will is pro bubonic plague?, cyber security, Ethan totally Smash Mouthed the podcast, & Ethan explains what he has been doing for the last 3 week... I think?

  101. Thumb 1502390782 artwork

    20. Arm Catheter With Cheese Flavoring

    Artur's friend Brandon joins us this week. Brandon tells us his favorite hospital stories, a Cheetos based pop up restaurant, Anna Feris and Chris Pratt's breakup, Will asks for medical advice... for a friend, Will finally confesses to a murder, How I met Your Dad, Todd from Scrubs' tattoo, what IS Lupis?, and Artur faces his own mortality.

  102. Thumb 1502162925 artwork

    19. Therapy Fail

    This week we have our old friend Brian on the show and we discuss GIF vs JIF and the slope gets slippery, a creepy pattern emerges about Tyler's friends, how Brian & Tyler met & we have a small therapy session for Tyler.

  103. Thumb 1501124802 artwork

    18. Haggle Down That Price

    This week we stroke our own egos and talk about other podcasts that talk about us, Jensen talks about her Mexican diarrhea, Pawn Puns, Letgo haggling, Rick & Morty, Binging TV, Disneyland private guides, Chester Bennington and Linkin Park.

  104. Thumb 1500524921 artwork

    Special 4 – Cut Bits: We Messed Up A Recording Edition

    I'm not gonna lie, we recorded a pretty lame episode this week. So I wasn't too devastated when my (Tyler's) audio was messed up. Yeah, there could be a conspiracy (you'll never prove it!). So here are some clips that we had to cut from a previous episode.

  105. Thumb 1499823885 artwork

    16. He Kinda Looks Like Boner

    This week our guest is Jenny from the 90s TV Hour Podcast. We discuss: Tyler & Will's Rickmobile experience, Jenny talks about NYCC, cosplaying, and haggling for art, TV Shows lasting too long & when they should end, Video Games based on TV shows, & Will has a 90's TV Themed series of questions in this week's Next Question.

  106. Thumb 1498773848 artwork

    Special 3 - Best Of, Kinda

    We took a week off because of America. Don't worry though, we still have plenty of show for you.

  107. Thumb 1498541100 artwork

    Special 2 - Studio Test Show

    We try out recording in the same location and we talk about Artur & Ethan's Road Trip, with visits to a museum, motorcycle shop, some old man's art store, and the best bread consistency for your sandwich.

  108. Thumb 1498706569 artwork

    15. I Don't Know Where I Fit Into This

    This week we reboot the podcast, replace our director with Ron Howard, talk about Ethan's mailbox shenanigans, We discuss local Sacramento news, the shows Angie Tribeca & the Naked Gun, and finally we take Listener Questions from the Young, Free, and Coupled podcast with a shout out to the Two Brothers Talk Games podcast.

  109. Thumb 1498110687 artwork

    14. Do All Robots Go To Heaven?

    This week Artur is "working" but we brought in Aanna Sapp to talk about her trip to Russia. We reveal the dirt on Chick Fil A and that they are secretly open on Sundays... Robots, AI, and rude Police Charities. Russia: Bread Soda and a clothing optional sauna. We plan our upcoming first in person recording episode Aanna's mom clearly loves her more than she does Ethan In this week's Next Question, we answer sibling related questions.

  110. Thumb 1497639402 artwork
  111. Thumb 1497590047 artwork

    13. You're Not In Kansas Anymore

    Artur and Ethan's Road trip, Tyler shares his trucker experience, Fairy Tales vs Parables ...and how they apply to Hitler? E3 2017, Tyler is an ignorant old man of the show, 4k vs HD, Consumerism movie ratings, Tyler's first rated R movie.

  112. Thumb 1496805104 artwork

    12. I Paid for a Full Session

    Ethan is moving so he had to record via his laptop microphone so please excuse the quality. He doesn't talk much anyway... This week we recap the Escape Room with Jensen, Will and Ethan explore their hypothetical relationship, and Jensen asks the deep questions.

  113. Thumb 1496689092 artwork

    Special 1 - Ready Player One

    In a special episode Tyler invites Paul O'Malley on to talk the book and upcoming film Ready Player One written by Ernest Cline.

  114. Thumb 1496299151 artwork

    11. Burnt Pile of Folgers and Oddities In Your Variables

    The mellowest conversation about the origins coffee you will ever hear. Acid takes science. Steven Spielberg (Director of Jurassic Park II, War of the Worlds, & Indiana Jones 4) will be producing the return of the Animaiacs. TV shows that we lost before their time. We ask ourselves questions to ask a guy you like.

  115. Thumb 1495664152 artwork

    10. Four Shawshanks & A Green Mile

    Ethan is off this week so Jensen returns. We discuss haircuts, the American Gods tv show, escaping and breaking into our own homes and various rooms, the Dark Tower.

  116. Thumb 1495129015 artwork
  117. Thumb 1494541084 artwork
  118. Thumb 1493908578 artwork
  119. Thumb 1493791728 artwork

    6. Clapping Is Consent

    This week we have our first guest Jensen Sandlin, reply to Alex's email, Jensen man-splains board games, another email from Alex, and we plot to take over an Olive Garden.

  120. Thumb 1493791835 artwork
  121. Thumb 1493791845 artwork
  122. Thumb 1493791857 artwork

    3. Perks of Touching a Wallflower

    Vanta Black will absorb all the lights, a meta Rick & Morty theory, David Bowie's best song (according to Ethan), and Ethan has a minor mental breakdown.

  123. Thumb 1493791869 artwork

    2. Space Problems & Canon Wahlbergs

    Ethan is missing, Indiana Jones vs some other person, completely authentic Irish culture descriptions, and we check our Twitter account.

  124. Thumb 1493791880 artwork

    1. Pineapple Over Wifi

    In our premiere episode we compare Hemsworths & Olsons, debate the merits of pineapples on pizza, talk about a movie you'll never see, and among other things, Musk in spaaace!

  125. Thumb 1517302721 artwork

    Patreon Exclusive Cut Bits - January

    These are clips from July that didn't make it into episode due to time. Guest: Crystal Pisano

    Thank you for supporting us!

    Music for this episode was provided by Zach Havrilla.

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